Mother's Day Lunch

Coming soon - the Mother's Day celebration lunch!

Treat your mums to lunch

The Great Roast Dinner Celebration is stirring up school lunches this Mothers’ Day. The celebration is supported by the Soil Association’s Food for Life and Knorr Gravy. It aims to get more kids eating healthy lunches, increasing the take up of school dinners.

By joining their kids for a healthy, mouth-watering roast, mums (and dads) and carers will be able to see for themselves that school meals are prepared with fresh, produce. This will encourage more parents to choose school dinners for their kids. After all, when it comes to food, the proof is in the (Yorkshire) pudding – not to mention the delicious fresh veg!

When you register you'll get a free event pack to help you promote your event to parents. The date and time you host your roast is up to you.