Celebrate your school food and encourage even more pupils to make it their choice at lunchtime by signing up to host a Great Roast Dinner Celebration.

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What is the Great Roast Dinner Celebration?

The Great Roast Dinner Celebration is a series of lunches that run throughout the academic year, where schools invite parents to eat a delicious roast dinner with pupils. This gives you the opportunity to demonstrate to parents how good your school meals are, encouraging them as the normal choice for parents when they are deciding what to feed their kids at lunchtime. For secondary schools, hosting a Great Roast Dinner celebration is a great way to encourage pupils away from the local takeaway and into the canteen.

Upcoming events:

Mother's Day Celebration lunch: Wednesday 27th March 2019

End of Term Celebration lunch: Wednesday 10 July 2019

Why is it important?

With 22,000 children severely obese when they leave primary school we should all be taking steps to address this health crisis.

Many parents mistakenly imagine that a packed lunch is the healthiest option for their kids. In fact, with only 1% of packed lunches meeting the nutritional standards that currently apply to school food, it is far easier to get the necessary nutrients into a cooked school meal. School dinners are better for children and better for the school’s finances. A half-empty dining hall – like a half-empty restaurant – is certain to lose money.

How can my school get involved?

When you sign up your school to host a Great Roast Dinner Celebration, you’ll be able to download a kit full of resources and materials to host your event, including posters and invitations for parents. You can choose to take part in as many events as you like, chances are you’ll be doing some of them anyway – such as your Christmas dinner, but by signing up you’ll get a host of materials to make your event extra special.


Whats in the kit?

When you sign up to host a Great Roast Dinner Celebration, you’ll be sent a link to download your free kit:

  • Posters to display around school announcing your event
  • Invitation templates to send to parents
  • Menu templates for you to display on the day of your event
  • Recipes to cook with the kids (getting cooking on your curriculum)
  • Top tips to help you increase your school meal take up
A sample of the media in the Great Roast Dinner Celebration pack